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Vietnam Animal Feed 2020-2025

“The Vietnam Animal feed market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.06% over the forecast period to reach a market size of US$12.270 billion in 2025 from US$9.124 billion in 2019.


According to the OECD, Vietnam continues to be one of the world's top per-capita consumers of pork ranking third in Asia after China and Korea. The Vietnamese hog industry has developed rapidly since the 1990s to meet this demand and is the key driver of the local feed industry.


After the swine price crash crisis in 2017, small and medium farms took time to rebound, whereas the larger companies following an integrated business model (feed- farm- food, or "3F") that took advantage of cost-effective supply chains and either expanded their presence or entered the market. The recovery of the sector was seen in 2018. According to the Vietnam Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), commercial farming of livestock and poultry was estimated at 40% and 48%, respectively.”

(Sources: BusinessWire) 

“Vietnam’s animal feed market is characterized by a high number of imports and numerous, regulations implemented by agencies such as Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).


The Vietnam animal feed market share is largely dominated by large multinational corporations with immense investments in the poultry, cattle, and pork meat sectors. The industry is gradually moving toward consolidation with domestic manufacturers gaining a strong foothold. 


Growing regulatory pressure on companies has led to the adoption of hygienic animal husbandry practices. Emerging technologies and demand for higher-quality meat products at lower prices have led to the development of efficient breeding processes utilizing statistical methods to determine genetic changes and characteristics.


Major international feed manufacturers are entering Vietnam by the means of mergers and acquisitions of aquaculture and poultry feed producers. These companies bring technical expertise, thereby improving growth prospects.”


(Sources: Feed Strategy)

Vietnam Animal Feeds Industry Featured News

Vietnam spends nearly US$4 billion importing animal feed and raw materials in 2020 (Jan 31, 2021)

Vietnam’s Masan Exploring Options for Animal Feed Unit (May 13, 2021)

Animal feed exports increase in 2020 (Feb 05, 2021)

Animal feed exports poised to hit 1 billion USD mark (Jan 28, 2021)

Vietnam’s animal feed and poultry breeding market has a lot of potentials (Dec 14, 2020)

Japfa Comfeed Vietnam inaugurates 6th animal feed mill in Binh Dinh (Nov 20, 2020)

Top 10 animal feed manufacturers in Vietnam (May 30, 2020)

Animal feed and feed ingredients in the ASEAN region: Opportunities for Canadian companies in the Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam (Feb 03, 2020)


Vietnam hikes imports of animal feed (May 09, 2019)

Vietnam home to new animal feed factory (Nov 20, 2018)

Sunjin opens fourth animal feed factory in Vietnam (Nov 16, 2018)

Cargill opens feed mill in Vietnam (Oct 24, 2018)

CJ Group opens sixth animal feed plant in Vietnam (Sept 24, 2018)

Foreign players dominate Vietnam’s animal feed market (Aug 20, 2018)

Vietnam Meat Market Publication (2016)

De Heus opens new animal feed factory in Dong Nai (Jun 18, 2012)

Vietnam will have a new animal feed factory

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Photos of some trade fairs in Animal Feeds

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In this section, you will find some photos of Animal Feed trade shows such as ILDEX, Vietstock (Vietnam), Victam (Thailand) - a trade show held in Bangkok, Thailand and attracted a large number of visitors and trade delegations from Vietnam

Ildex Vietnam

(International Livestock, Dairy, Meat Processing And Aquaculture Exposition)

Victam Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)

Animal Feed technology and Grain Processing

VietStock Vietnam

Vietnam's Premier International Feed, Livestock & Meat Industry show

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and relevant Industry Trade shows in Vietnam

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