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Marketing Supports

In order to help your company reach out to potential buyers or local partners, we provide combined marketing activities and supports as you requested, such as:


- Direct Mailing

With the excellent customer lists (monthly updates), we share our specialists and resources, we not only provide the mailing activities to your potential buyers and local partners but also our local market knowledge and insights.

- Telemarketing (is a subject for discussions as if we can provide service)

- Assisting to carry out market presentation to reach your own potential customers nationwide (as company profile, products range, products’ photos, video clip … all contents may present both in Vietnamese and English in order to maximize the business possibilities). A local website in Vietnamese to be created to fulfill the above tasks, if necessary. 

- Placing advertisements in local newspapers/ magazines or e-magazines

- Seeking buyer leads via Business Communities Group, Related Associations/ Group, Social network 

- Pushing your company contents to various channels to reach potential buyers or Local Partners

- Other business services will you find at “Our Services”

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