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Trade Mission/ Delegation to Vietnam

One of the best ways to identify potential business partners, buyers, or sellers is to visit the host country. Participate in trade missions is a great way to do that. 

However, at this challenging time it is not allowed to do such kind of physical activities, let Meet Asia program help you organizing Virtual Trade Missions to Vietnam (online and combined activities to meet, network with your potential partners, etc), while you still stay at home or in the office without traveling across your border!

We recommend customers take these activities together with other members in relevant associations, partnership companies, or companies/ manufacturers in your city or country, as a group, participants in the Trade Mission (or Virtual Trade Missions to Vietnam) can create more business opportunities than organizing it only by themselves. 

On a trade mission, you can visit markets and meet potential partners, buyers or suppliers, and others with first-hand insight into the business opportunities in the country. After the trade mission, Meet Asia program may help you follow-up with your new contacts and maintain communications, as required.

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